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Cuban immigrants in Russia who enlist to fight Ukraine in exchange for citizenship and a salary

The efforts of Russia for convincing new recruits to join the war in Ukraine they also involve foreigners living in the country, to whom it offers tempting benefits. Thus, a few days ago it was confirmed that Cuban immigrants are enlisting in the troops of that country. This after the president Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting quick citizenship to volunteer soldiers born in other nations.

According to Russian media in the region of Ryazanin the center of the country, several cuban immigrants They were transferred on Wednesday of last week to the area of ​​the “special military operation”, the euphemism used by the authorities of Russia to refer to the war in Ukraine, started in February 2022.

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the media Ryazan Vedomosti detailed that several men from the Republic of Cuba signed the contracts with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

While the local Telegram channel ryazinformburo reported that the Cubans were solemnly escorted to the recruitment zone, after a ceremony that included a moment of prayer before a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In addition to receiving Russian citizenship, immigrants they will have a payment for their enlistment that in rubles equivalent to 2,400 dollars. Said amount is assigned the Russian Government. Then the region of Ryazan grant another sum equal to $2,500plus a monthly salary of just over $2,550. The contract is for one year, according to “La Gaceta de Ryazan”.

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There are no current figures on Cuban migration to Russiabut according to The Moscow Times, only in 2019 some 28,000 Cubans traveled to the country governed by Vladimir Putin. The US newspaper El Nuevo Herald noted that Cubans living there have complained on social media that obtaining legal status is very difficult.

During Soviet times, many Cubans studied in Russia and some settled in that country after the collapse of the socialist system. Others continue to arrive in the Eurasian country because it is one of the few nations in the world that they do not ask for a visa.

In this context, El Nuevo Herald reported that last week, the Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister for International Military Cooperation, Valery Revenko, said that he discussed the training of Cuban military personnel in Belarus with Cuban officials, including the Cuban military attaché in Russia and Belarus, Colonel Mónica Milián Gómez.

It should be noted that belarus is one of the main allies of Russia in the war in Ukraine. Even a few days ago the president Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree accepting the placement in his country of Russian strategic nuclear warheads.

“The main attention was dedicated to the training of Cuban military personnel in the Republic of Belarus and the promotion of military cooperation between the two countries in a planned manner,” said Valery Revenko in a tweet written in Spanish.

The Ministry of Defense of belarus reported that the meeting took place on the sidelines of a military weapons exhibition held in Minsk.

“Belarus definitely seems to be strengthening its relations with anti-American actors in Latin America in recent months,” Latin American Studies professor Evan Ellis, who teaches classes at the US Army War College, told The Miami Herald.

The expert also indicated that Belarus could be playing a substitute role in training Cuban military forcesgiven the “inability” of Russia to comply with that military cooperation agreement, due to the fact that the invasion of Ukraine consume all your military resources.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during the inauguration of a monument to Fidel Castro in Moscow, on November 22, 2022. (Photo by Sergei GUNEYEV / SPUTNIK / AFP). (SERGEI GUNEYEV/)

Telemundo recalled that Cuba strengthened its historic ties with Russia since the start of the war, announcing more military and economic cooperation, while the communist island has refrained from condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine before the United Nations.

Last week, in a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel ratified his “unconditional support for the Russian Federation in its confrontation with the West.”

The situation of the war in Ukraine as of May 30, 2023. (AFP).

The situation of the war in Ukraine as of May 30, 2023. (AFP).

On May 16, putin signed a decree by which the foreign to serve in the Russian Army during the military campaign in Ukraine and their immediate family members may get Russian citizenship on the fast track.

In addition, last week the former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev He affirmed that his country recruited from January 1, 2023 about 120,000 contract soldiers for its army.

“From January 1 to May 19, 117,400 people were accepted into the armed forces under contract and into volunteer formations”Medvedev declared at a meeting on the recruitment in the army, according to the AFP agency.

Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group mercenaries fighting in Ukraine.  (AFP).

Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group mercenaries fighting in Ukraine. (AFP). (HANDOUT/)

The Russian army suffered heavy losses in the Ukraine, although the numbers are kept secret by the military hierarchy.

Some Russian media reports that before the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Army hopes to recruit several hundred thousand men by offering contracts on particularly attractive conditions.

The campaign is carried out on social networks and multiple posters promoting the army appeared on the streets of Russian cities, details AFP.

Source: Elcomercio

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