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Lula proposes his personal lawyer as a new member of the Supreme Court

Lula proposes his personal lawyer as a new member of the Supreme Court

Lula proposes his personal lawyer as a new member of the Supreme Court

The Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvaproposed this Thursday as a new member of the Supreme Court to his personal lawyer, Cristiano Zanin, who managed to annul the trials that at the time led the progressive leader to jail.

Own Lula He confirmed to journalists that he has suggested the name of Zanin and said he is convinced that he will be “a great magistrate”, not only because of the work he did in his defense, but also because of his “qualities as a lawyer.”

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The proposal of Lula will be submitted in the coming weeks to the Senate and, if approved, Zanin will join the highest court to fill the vacancy opened last April, when magistrate Ricardo Lewandowski retired and the court was left with ten of its eleven members.

Zanin, 47, graduated in 1999 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and is specialized in civil law, although he also has a solid background in constitutional matters and procedural law.

He also has extensive experience in business litigation and in recent years has studied and denounced the abusive use of legal mechanisms, known as “lawfare” and of which he has argued that the current president was a victim.

For a decade he has been Lula’s personal lawyer and defended him in the various corruption cases he faced in the framework of the Operation Lava Jatowhich led dozens of politicians and businessmen to jail for fraudulent contracts with the Petrobras company and other state companies.

Lula He was convicted in the second instance and spent 580 days in jail, a period that included the 2018 elections, from which he was left out precisely because of his prison status and which the ultra-rightist finally won. Jair Bolsonaro.

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In 2019 he regained his freedom, thanks to Zanin’s work before the Supreme Courtwhich finally established jurisprudence and decided that, according to the Constitution, a convicted person should only be sent to jail once the appeal possibilities have been exhausted.

Two years later, the attorney for Lula He also convinced the Supreme Court that the trials in which he was convicted had been marred by various irregularities, which is why they were annulled and the progressive leader recovered all his political rights.

The annulment of these processes opened the doors for Lula of a new candidacy for last year’s elections, in which he prevailed over Bolsonaro and he managed to return to the power that he had exercised in two consecutive terms, between 2003 and 2010.

In the coming weeks, Zanin must be summoned for an interview in the Constitution and Justice Commission of the Senate and, if his appointment is approved, he will be submitted to the plenary session of the Upper House.

One of the members of the Senate is the former judge Sérgio Moro, who was responsible for Operation Lava Jato in the first instance and handed down the first sentences against Lula, later annulled even due to irregular maneuvers by the then magistrate, accused of not having maintained “impartiality” due in the processes.

Moro, who was Bolsonaro’s Justice Minister, although he later fell out with the far-right, has already announced that he will oppose the appointment of zaninabout which he has said that he hurts some “republican principles” for his “public and manifest friendship” with the current president.

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Source: Elcomercio

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