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Trump anticipates an imminent indictment against him for the assault on the Capitol

Former US President donald trump (2017-2021) anticipated this Monday that the imputation for the storming the capitol January 2021 will arrive “at any time” and considered that it constitutes electoral interference by the Administration of Joe Biden.

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“I take for granted that at any moment an accusation from the deranged Jack Smith and his highly partisan gang of thugs related to my speech will come to light. PEACEFUL AND PATRIOTIC”, he said on his social network, TruthSocialreferring to the special prosecutor in charge of the case.

The former Republican president described the possible indictment as “another attempt” to cover up “the bad news about bribery and extortion coming from the ‘side‘ of Biden”.

“That seems to be the way they do it. ELECTION INTERFERENCE! TAX MISCONDUCT!criticized in his network.

jack smith is in charge of two investigations on Trump: the one of the classified papers that he took from the White House to your residence of sea-a-lake (Florida) upon abandoning power for which he was charged in June, and the attack on the Capitolfrom which the decision of a grand jury that must rule on his accusation is expected shortly.

In addition, the former president was indicted in March in NY for the alleged illegal payment to the porn actress stormy daniels during the 2016 electoral campaign in exchange for his silence on the “affair” they maintained ten years earlier, and has another case open in Georgia about his efforts to annul Biden’s victory in that southern state in the 2020 presidential elections.

He Georgia Supreme Court dismissed on July 17 the petition for Trump to expunge evidence collected by a special grand jury and remove the Fulton County District Attorney from the case, fanny willis.

The highest court of that state then stressed that Trump he could not bypass the usual channels and had to wait for the decision of the lower court to which he had already filed the application.

This Monday, the judge in charge of the case in the High Court of Fulton County noted that the petition for Trump it is not sustained, thus pronouncing itself in the same line as the Supreme.

“Although being the subject (or even the target) of a criminal investigation highly public is likely to be an unwanted and unpleasant experience, no court has ever held that that alone provides a basis for courts to interfere with or stop the investigation.”said the magistrate Robert McBurneyFulton County.

Source: Elcomercio

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