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Claudia Sheinbaum will be the presidential candidate of Morena in Mexico after beating Marcelo Ebrard

Claudia Sheinbaum will be the presidential candidate of Morena in Mexico after beating Marcelo Ebrard

Claudia Sheinbaum will be the presidential candidate of Morena in Mexico after beating Marcelo Ebrard

Claudia Sheinbaumthe former head of government of Mexico Citywill be the presidential candidate in the 2024 elections of the ruling party of Mexicothe National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), after winning this Wednesday in the internal process, which was defined through surveys.

The comprehensive analysis of these data allows us to unquestionably conclude that the companion Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo obtained the best position to be considered as coordinator of the committees for the defense of the fourth transformation“, advertisement Alfonso Durazopresident of the National Council of Morena.

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Sheinbaum, who led the polls since the start of the internal process, will face off in June 2024 against Xochitl Galvezthe candidate of the opposition Broad Front for Mexicoso the country is closer than ever to having its first female president.

The former president of the capital obtained 39.4% of the preferences in the survey of the Commission of the Center for Statistical and Social Studies of the party, with which she surpassed her closest rival, the former chancellor Marcelo Ebrardwho obtained 25.6%.

They were followed by the deputy with license from labor party (PT) Gerardo Fernandez Norona (12.2%), the former Secretary of the Interior Adam Augusto Lopez (10%), the former leader of the senators of Morena Ricardo Monreal (6.5%), and the licensed senator from Green party (PVEM) Manuel Velasco 6.3%.

sheinbaumborn in 1962 into a Jewish family in Mexico City, He studied for a doctorate in environmental engineering and began his political career as Secretary of the Environment of the Federal District in the year 2000, when the current president, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorHe was head of government.

“We are certain that under your leadership we will consolidate the important achievements already achieved and we will successfully face the new challenges to make Mexico a more democratic, prosperous and more righteous”, Durazo expressed.

Although Sheinbaum led the polls from start to finish, his victory was marred by allegations of ebrardwho hours before the announcement demanded to repeat the internal process due to an excess of “incidents” that left the contest “Without remedy”.

The process consisted of a party survey of 12,500 citizens.

The president of the National Council of Morena I declare that “There is no incident that has affected definitive way the final result”.

While the national leader of the party, Mario Delgado, asked to go “joined to the date with history” in the 2024 elections to continue with the López Obrador project.

Now it is up to us to continue with the transformation of the public life of MexicoOnce the new leadership is elected, it is the task and responsibility of all close ranks around him, to prop up our movement, our program and historical projectDelgado stated.

Source: Elcomercio

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