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Taiwan detects 39 military aircraft and a Chinese aircraft carrier near the island

Taiwanese authorities announced on Monday that they had detected 39 military aircraft and a Chinese aircraft carrier near the island, after the passage of two USA and Canada through the strait Taiwan during this weekend.

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Between Sunday and Monday morning, 26 aircraft and 13 military ships They operated around the island. Others 13 airplanes They were detected in the early hours of Monday, according to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

The Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong It was also located about 60 nautical miles southeast of the southernmost tip of Taiwansailing east and entering the western Pacific, the same source added.

China He considers the self-governing island to be part of his territory and has promised to retake it one day.

Taiwan I declare that 22 of the 39 aircraft recently detected crossed the median line of the Strait of Taiwanan invisible border that separates the island from the mainland.

Median line crossings are generally less frequent than raids in the air defense identification zone (ADIZ), an area unilaterally defined by countries and in which they ask foreign aircraft to identify themselves for reasons of national security.

The army is closely monitoring the situation and has commissioned planes, Navy ships and ground-based missile systems that react”the ministry declared in a statement.

A Chinese military spokesman declared on Saturday that Chinese soldiers remained “in a constant state of high alert” after the passage of two ships of USA and Canada through the Strait of Taiwan.

The US Navy declared that it was the class destroyer Arleigh Burkehe “USS Ralph Johnson“, and of “NCSM Ottawa”, and that this transit “demonstrates the commitment of USAits allies and partners in favor of a free and open Indo-Pacific region”.

Source: Elcomercio

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