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STRAIGHT. War in Ukraine: Kyiv claims to have “clear agreements” with Europeans to acquire more anti-aircraft systems


  • The war is on its 590th day.
    • Thursday’s Russian strike in Groza, a village near Kupyansk in the east of the country, killed at least 51 people, drawing widespread international condemnation.
  • Since the Russian invasion began in late February 2022, more than 26,000 Ukrainians have gone missing, including 11,000 civilians.
  • In Spain, where he attended a European summit, Zelensky called the political battle between elected Republicans and Democrats over support for Ukraine “difficult.”
  • The Ukrainian president claims he has “clear agreements” with the Europeans to acquire more anti-aircraft systems.
  • Russia’s mission is to build a “new world,” Putin assures.
  • Prigozhin plane crash: “pieces of a grenade” found in victims’ bodies, says Putin.

Zelensky says he has “clear agreements” with Europeans on more anti-aircraft systems

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday he had received “clear agreements” from the Europeans to receive more anti-aircraft and artillery systems after a summit in Granada, Spain.

“We will have more air defense – the agreements are clear. This is very important before winter. Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain – thank you! “, the Head of State indicated in his daily message broadcast on social networks.


Eight Ukrainian drones shot down in western Russia

Moscow says it shot down eight Ukrainian drones in western Russia on Thursday evening.

At about 11:30 p.m. local time on Thursday, “operational air defense systems destroyed five Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the Belgorod region,” bordering Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Telegram early Friday morning.

Earlier in the night, the ministry counted two more cars hit in the same area.

An eighth plane suffered the same fate in the Kursk region, also bordering Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday evening.

The ministry did not provide an estimate of possible damage or casualties.


51 people died in Groza

The price is great. Fifty-one people, including a child, were killed Thursday in a Russian strike in Groza, a small village in eastern Ukraine, on the sidelines of the funeral of a Ukrainian soldier.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in Spain for a meeting with European leaders, condemned the “inhumane terrorist attack” on the city, located in the Kharkiv region, near Kupyansk, a city close to the front line that is regularly the target of Russian strikes.


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Source: Le Parisien

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