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AMLO says it is a priority to recover Acapulco after damage from Hurricane Otis

AMLO says it is a priority to recover Acapulco after damage from Hurricane Otis

AMLO says it is a priority to recover Acapulco after damage from Hurricane Otis

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradorindicated this Friday that his priority is to “recover” as quickly as possible Acapulcoone of the most important tourist destinations in the country, which was hit by Hurricane Otis which left at least 27 dead and thousands injured.

“We have to get up as soon as possible Acapulco. That’s the plan, to help those affected and at the same time return to normality in terms of tourism in the beautiful port of Acapulco“, said the president during his morning press conference.

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The Mexican president said that to this end, a meeting will be held this Friday between various agencies and private initiatives to organize a plan to help face the effects of the crisis. Hurricane Otis in Warrior and thus establish a proposal to support the tourism sector.

They will meet this afternoon, at 5 pm, they will invite members of the Private sector present a proposal to support the tourism sector in Acapulco. There will be a review of which tourism companies have insurance, we will talk to insurers so that they do not delay procedures and act quickly“, to the point.

At this meeting, he said, the secretary and undersecretary of the Treasury, the director of revenue and the undersecretary of expenditure, the president of the National Banking and Securities Commission, the governor of Bank of Mexicothe secretariat of Economyand the directors of Birth Bank for Public Works and Services (Banobras) and National Financial.

He specified that an assessment will be made of which tourist companies have insurance and that they will speak with insurers so that they do not delay the procedures.

And act soon. Those without insurance will find a way to benefit from cheap loans from both commercial and development banks.”, he emphasized.

Furthermore, he said, measures will be established so that there is no shortage of supply in construction and communication will be maintained with steel and cement producing companies.

Because a lot of construction material will be needed and we don’t want there to be speculation and excessive price increases. They will be needed for the reconstruction of hotels, restaurants, but also homes.” he claimed.

He Hurricane Otis Impacted as category 5 on Wednesday off the coast of Warriorat the Pacific Mexican, where it caused 27 deaths and left the coast without land communication for almost an entire day, due to the closure of the main access points and zero communication capacity through telephone and internet services, as well as damage to companies.

Source: Elcomercio

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