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Hamas says 7 hostages killed in Israeli attack on Jabalia refugee camp

To the Al Qasam Brigadesarmed wing of the Islamic group Hamasannounced this Wednesday that seven hostages died yesterday due to Israeli bombings against the refugee camp in Jabaliain the north of Gaza strip.

seven hostages They died yesterday in the Israeli massacre in the refugee camp in Jabaliathree of them with foreign passports,” the group said in a statement.

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The spokesman for the military wing of the Hamas, Abu Obeidareported last week that since the start of the war on October 7, around 50 hostages have died as a result of intense attacks Israeli bombings over the Palestinian enclave.

Israel confirmed the identities of 240 hostages inside Linkkidnapped by Hamas on October 7, from which the group released “for humanitarian reasons” four women, an American mother and daughter and two elderly Israeli women.

Furthermore, the Army claimed on Monday to have rescued a captive Israeli soldier inside the Range.

The Israeli Army also confirmed yesterday that it attacked the Palestinian refugee camp in Jabaliawhere they died at least 145 people, according to sources hospitable Gazansafter the air launch of several one-ton missiles in one of the deadliest attacks committed by Israel.

“During the fighting yesterday (Tuesday), troops identified several terrorists from Hamas who barricaded themselves in a multi-story building, located near a school, a medical Center and government departments, in the area of Jabalia. The Air Force was ordered to attack the terrorists” a military spokesman said today.

Israel guaranteed that Jabalia is one of Israel’s military strongholds. Hamas in the north of Rangeused “for training and execution of terrorist activities”and where was there “Firing points, tunnels used by terrorist agents as a passage to the coast and a large arsenal of weapons.”

The Army claimed to have killed more than fifty “terrorists”in the attack on JabaliaIncluding Ibrahim Biarithe commander of Jabalia Battalionwhat second Israelwas another of the commanders of the Hamas responsible for sending elite militiamen to Israel to commit the October 7th attacks.

O UN confirmed today that the attack on Jabalia caused “the destruction of an entire neighborhood with 30 residential buildings” and at least 50 dead.

Source: Elcomercio

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