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“A final closes at home, always” and “the goal in AL depends on Barcos”: the analysis 48 hours before the classic is played at the Monumental

As recalled, Universitario de Deportes qualified for the final for the national title after winning the 2023 Clausura Tournament. The team led by Jorge Fossati obtained 39 points and was in first place, one unit ahead of Melgar, two over Alianza Lima and three to Sporting Cristal. The cream team achieved eleven wins, six draws and one defeat in this second part of the year. Furthermore, he scored 28 goals and only conceded eight goals.

For its part, Alianza Lima reached the final after winning the 2023 Apertura Tournament, where it proved to be the most consistent team of that part of the year, since it achieved 14 wins and four losses in 18 games played. In this way, they got 42 points and were 7 units ahead of second place, Sporting Cristal. The intimates were close to being three-time champions (they almost won the Clausura), but they were not effective when they could do so, since they tied without goals against Melgar and ADT in Matute, however, now they have the opportunity to achieve it against the classic rival and get the three-time championship longed for by its people.

That is why El Comercio conducted the DT Survey for prominent journalists to analyze the final between Alianza Lima vs. University for the final of the Betsson League 2023

1. Who is the big favorite for the finals?

2. Who is more important to your team: Barcos in AL or Quispe in the U?

3. What is best to define the championship? Close or open locally?

Daniel Kanashiro – League 1 Max

1. In finals there are no favoritism, even more so if it is a Classic, but it is undeniable that the closest thing is the measurement of the Clausura Tournament where the U was the Champion, and it leads you to say that it has a football advantage in relation to Alliance .

2. That Alianza is very dependent on Barco for the goal, while the U does decentralize that aspect with Quispe, Valera, Urruti, Flores, that’s why I say – that Barcos is more important for Alianza because it depends exclusively on him for the goal, while that Universitario has more collective options and fewer individual ones

3. You always have to close your premises, always.

Diego Rebagliati – Movistar Sports

1. The U.

2. I was left with Boats.

3. Close premises.

Eddie Fleischman – Willax TV

1. There is no big favorite. They are even forces.

2. In the scheme of both technicians, both are fundamental. The absence of anyone. The absence of any of them would affect the performance of your team.

3. I am one of those who prefers to close at home.

Pamela Fernández – Ovation

1. There is no favorite for these finals. Surely the team that has the greatest concentration during the 180 minutes will be the champion. As for football, I see very even matches. Both are better in defense than in attack. Possibly, they are very close finals.

2. At this moment Hernán Barcos. Since Larriera has been the coach of Alianza Lima, the intimate team has scored 12 goals in 10 games. The ‘Pirate’ has scored 7 goals and 3 assists under the Uruguayan coach. His presence is decisive for the blue and white attack.

3. It is quite a psychological topic. I believe that closing the premises can help reverse a result. Alianza Lima has several players who have already played together in the last two finals and will now do so again: Campos, Míguez, Vílchez, Lagos, Concha, Ballón and Barcos. This, without a doubt, is a favorable point.

Source: Elcomercio

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