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Iran threatens to intervene in the Gaza war, considering the entire region its “home”: “We will not wait for anyone’s permission”

Will hinted this Wednesday that it could intervene in the conflict Israel with Gaza if a ceasefire is not reached soon, as it considers the entire region as its “home”.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Hosein Amir Abdolahianvisiting Türkiyemade that veiled threat: “This is our region, our home, and we will not wait for anyone’s permission to deal with what happens in our home.”

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“We hope that a ceasefire comes soon and that the genocide and violence by the United States and Israel will end.”. If attacks on women and children continue, the cost they will pay will be very high,” said the minister at a press conference with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan.

He did not specify how his country would carry out a possible intervention, but recalled the strength of the Islamic organization Hezbollahwhich operates from Lebanon with the support of Tehran.

“The Zionist regime talks about ending Hezbollah”, which “has become one of the strongest movements against the occupation (of Palestine) and the Zionist regime”, he said.

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Abdolahian stressed, however, that his country will first try to exhaust all diplomatic resources to bring about an end to the war. declared by Israel to Hamas following that militia’s unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7.

“Yesterday I was in Doha with a large delegation and we had meetings with senior Qatari officials and political leaders from Hamas. We made proposals for Egypt It is Saudi Arabia, and we hope to be able to carry them out and put an end to the killing”, said the minister.

“According to what was said yesterday in meetings with the leaders of Qatar and Hamas, if the war crimes do not end as quickly as possible, the situation will get out of control for all parties.involved in the region”, warned Abdolahian.

“If things continue like this, the resistance (in reference to Hamas) could react in another unexpected way and things could get out of control,” he insisted.

For the one sent from Will“The responsibility will lie with the United States, Israel and those who support them.”

Source: Elcomercio

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