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Venezuela: Activist accused of terrorism denounces “torture” in prison on trial

The human rights activist Javier Tarazonadetained in 2021, he denounced this Tuesday in the trial initiated against him for terrorism that he was a victim of “torture”During the first months of his imprisonment, observed an AFP journalist who attended the hearing.

They hit me, kicked me. We couldn’t see the sun. We didn’t have drinking water. They made us urinate and defecate in the containers where we ate“, he said during his appearance at the trial, and said that he was a victim of”torture and inhumane treatment”.

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Tarazona, known for his role in reporting clashes between military forces and guerrilla groups in border areas, is on trial on charges of “terrorism“,”incitement to hatred” It is “betrayal of the country”.

The activist, director of the NGO FundaNetescontinues his trial in prison and declared “innocent”. He highlighted that he is detained because “they want to silence”.

There are armed groups, paramilitaries, guerrillas, the FARC, the ELN, drug traffickers (…) operating on Venezuelan soil. This is what we have denounced for 23 years of activism“, sustained.

His brother is also on trial alongside him. Rafael Tarazona It is Omar de Dios GarciaFundaRedes members, who are free to appear in court every 15 days.

The trial against Tarazona was restarted three times, the last time starting on December 5, when the defense requested the annulment of the case.

The judge did not respond to the defense’s request to dismiss the charges or his release, and scheduled a hearing for December 19.

Tarazona is one of the most emblematic figures of around 300 “political prisoners” in Venezuelaaccording to human rights organizations, whose release requires Amnesty International.

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With a presence in most border states, Fundaredes warned in 2021 of clashes between groups of Colombian irregulars and the Venezuelan Army.

The organization accused the president’s government Nicolás Maduro to host Colombian guerrilla leaders in Venezuelan territory.

Venezuela shares a porous border with Colombia of more than 2,200 kilometers, hit hard by the drug traffickinghe smuggling It is armed groups.

Source: Elcomercio

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