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War in the Gaza Strip: “It is natural that we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians,” defends Greta Thunberg

“Much of the world is turning away” from the situation in the Gaza Strip. This message was sent by the Swedish branch of Fridays for Future, which includes Greta Thunberg. The environmental movement reaffirmed its solidarity with Palestinian bomb victims in the Gaza Strip at two forums on Tuesday, responding to criticism leveled at the climate group over the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

At the end of October, voices were heard in Germany calling on the German branch to sever ties with the international climate movement. They criticized the young activist for what was considered a pro-Palestinian position in the conflict. “Fridays for Future” is not radicalized and it’s not became policy. We have always been political because we have always been a movement for justice,” he wrote in an article published in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet. The English version was published in the British newspaper The Guardian.

Disagreements within the environmental movement

“Advocating for climate justice is based on concern for people and their human rights,” the activists add. “It is natural that we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians and all civilians affected” by the war, they add, stressing that it is their duty as a movement to “speak out when people are suffering, displaced and dying.” – for any reason.” Thus, the movement believes that “most of the world, in particular the countries of the North, are averting their eyes” on the situation in the Gaza Strip.

In response to the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip following the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, Fridays for Future Sweden condemned the “genocide” in the Gaza Strip and criticized the “Western support and disinformation machines.” Comments from which the president of the German branch of the organization, Louise Neubauer, distanced herself. The latter said she was “disappointed that Greta Thunberg was unable to say anything concrete about the Jewish victims of the October 7 massacre.”

“Committing genocide is not self-defense”

“The fact that Hamas killed Israeli civilians in a horrific attack cannot in any way legitimize the war crimes committed by Israel,” Sweden continues from the Fridays for Future podium. “Committing genocide is not self-defense and is in no way proportional.”

The movement also condemns the rise in anti-Semitic and Islamophobic acts in Sweden and “around the world”, calling for “a distinction to be made between Hamas, Muslims and Palestinians, just as the State of Israel should be distinguished from the Jewish people.” and the Israelis.

Source: Le Parisien

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