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Zelensky thanks Ecuador for supporting resolutions condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskythis Sunday thanked the Ecuadorian ruler, Daniel Noboathe Andean country’s support position for the resolutions condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He did this at a meeting they held in good airwhere both leaders participate in the inauguration ceremony as president of the Javier Milei.

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On his X account (formerly Twitter), Zelensky indicated that he congratulated Noboa on his recent election as president of Ecuador.

He noted that he was grateful Ecuadorits position in support of resolutions condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine” and invited Noboa to the next meeting of the Formula of Peacein January 2024.

The support and strong and united voice of Latin American countries that support the people of Ukraine in our fight for freedom and democracy are very important to us.”, he added in the message accompanying a photograph of the meeting.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the then president of Ecuador Guilherme Lassoshowed his “full support for the fight for democracy and stability” from Ukraine.

Noboa, elected president this year, had already entered politics and as a deputy was president of the Economic Development Commission.

Furthermore, the target of criticism for having led the organization, in the midst of a war between Russia It is Ukraineof the trip, paid for by the private company, of six parliamentarians to Russia, one of the main importers of Ecuadorian bananas along with the European Union (HUH).

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New ideas

The President of Ukraine said that with Noboa they exchanged views on the challenges posed by destabilization in different parts of the world.

Likewise, they discussed new perspectives for Ukraine and Ecuador to expand bilateral cooperation, particularly in the areas of security, digitalization and agricultural trade.

We pay special attention to the potential of Ukraine-Latin America Summit. I also invited the President Daniel Noboa visit our country”, he concluded in the message.

Source: Elcomercio

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