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Anti-Semitism: How America’s Most Prestigious Universities Falter in the Face of Controversy

The episode, which has gone viral, has disastrous consequences for America’s most prestigious universities, which are already accused of weakness in the face of rising anti-Semitism on their campuses following the Hamas massacre and the Gaza war. On Tuesday, the presidents of Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania gave five hours of interviews to a congressional panel on the topic. In a tense atmosphere, Republican Elise Stefanik asked them this question: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews contradict the code of conduct of your university, yes or no? » Receives the same answer three times: “It depends on the context”, “whether it is directed against a person.”

The rest after this announcement

MIT President Sally Kornbluth reacts negatively unless such “public comments are directed at a specific individual.” In this case, such an act will become the subject of investigation. She clarifies that she has not heard such calls in her establishment.

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Source: Le Parisien

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