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Gabriel Boric: “I wish for the good of the Argentine people that Milei has good management”

The president of Pepper, Gabriel Boricsaid this Sunday good air who attended the inauguration of his Argentine counterpart, Javier Mileifor “reaffirm a historical and close relationship“between the two and wished the new president luck”for the good of the Argentine people”.

We participate on behalf of the State of Chile and therefore, on behalf of the people of Chile, reaffirm a historical and close relationship between Pepper It is Argentina“, said Boric in the center Chile Squarein the Argentine capital.

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The former student leader reiterated that “known and public differences“with Milei it will not be an impediment to”work together”and assured that“the brotherhood of our people is not in doubt and cannot be in doubt”.

In addition to the known and public differences that I may have with President Milei, I wish for the good of the Argentine people that he has good management and is the best for his country.“added Boric, who attended the investiture accompanied by several of his ministers, including the chancellor, Alberto van Klaveren.

With a speechanti-caste” and radical proposals such as dollarization and the closure of central bank Argentine, leader Advances of Freedom swept the Peronist candidate and outgoing Economy Minister in the November 19 elections, Sergio Massa.

Milei, in the ideological antipodes of Boric, attacked the former student leader several times, whom he called “impoverishing” and whose coming to power he said was “the beginning of Chile’s decline”.

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We pass, but our people remain, that’s why I came for this change of command, because it’s what corresponds“, indicated Boric, one of the few progressive leaders in the region who traveled to Argentina and who since the victory of the liberal candidate has insisted that the relationship with Argentina is “priority”.

Milei, who will be in power until 2027, guaranteed this Sunday in his first speech as head of state that “heritage” this leaves the Kirchnerism It is the worst that an Argentine government has ever received and has announced that it will apply a harsh adjustment and that there will be “stagflation” for several months.

Unfortunately, I have to repeat: there is no money. The bottom line is that there is no alternative to adjustment and there is no alternative to “shock.”” Milei said when speaking to the crowd gathered at the doors of the Argentine Congress palace after taking office.

Source: Elcomercio

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