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Israel-Hamas war: what we know about the death of Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old girl killed in the Gaza Strip

Israel-Hamas war: what we know about the death of Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old girl killed in the Gaza Strip

Israel-Hamas war: what we know about the death of Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old girl killed in the Gaza Strip

“Of course, there were thousands of other children who died because of this conflict. “When the representative of American diplomacy mentioned the death of little Hind Rajab, he did not fail to remind that a similar tragedy has been repeated since October 7. But while little information is available outside the Gaza Strip, the plight of the six-year-old Palestinian girl has been widely reported. Here’s what we know about Hind’s death and the investigation Washington has requested.

Call for help

Stuck between shots and the corpses of her loved ones. At the end of January, a terrified Hind Rajab called for help. “Come (…) get me,” she told the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCR). I’m so scared, please come. “According to her relatives, the girl managed to contact her loved ones when she was already the only survivor on board the car of her uncle, who was trying to escape the fighting.

The vehicle of Hind and some members of his family was stopped by IDF tanks. According to his entourage, Israeli soldiers then opened fire. She then survives for several hours. “She was scared, she was terrified and she had injuries to her back, arms and legs,” her grandfather recalled. PRCS confirmed that it was in contact with Hind. “For more than three hours, the little girl desperately begged our teams to come and save her from the tanks surrounding her, suffering from shelling and the horror of loneliness, trapped among the bodies of her loved ones killed by the armed forces. The Israelis were before his eyes.”

The switchboard operator stated that he was talking to a young woman from Gaza before he heard the sound of gunfire. The Palestinian Red Crescent sent two rescuers to come to his aid. They never returned.

Body Detection

This Saturday, Hind Rajab’s lifeless body was found near a gas station in the Tel al-Hawa area of ​​the Gaza Strip. Twelve days after the call, the girl and her relatives were “found by employees (OUR) a family who went looking for the car and found it near a gas station,” said Baha Hamada’s grandfather. The area was previously inaccessible due to the Israeli presence.

The family blamed the IDF for the death of the little girl. The bodies of two rescuers, Youssef Zeino and Ahmed Al-Madun, were also found. According to PCRS, they were lying in an ambulance a few meters from the scene of the incident. The latter accused the “occupying forces” of “deliberately attacking them” and “while their ambulance was allowed to go there to save little Hind.”

To investigate?

While the thousands of deaths in the Gaza Strip are often counted only by Hamas estimates, Hind Rajab’s example epitomizes the suffering and horrors of war that the Palestinian population has suffered. The international community was shocked to such an extent that Washington demanded an Israeli investigation. “We have asked Israeli authorities to urgently investigate this incident,” said Matthew Miller, a US diplomatic spokesman. This is a touching and heartbreaking story for this child. »

“His tragic case is one of many happening before our eyes in Gaza,” said Thor Wennesland, United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process. When it appears an ambulance carrying emergency responders was hit while on its way to help, we need answers. »

Source: Le Parisien

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