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February 22nd Birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a February 22, but in 1987 the Final Point Law came into force, which put an end to accusations against the military of the Argentine dictatorship. The rule was revoked by the Federal Supreme Court in 2005.


1821.- Spain It is U.S ratify the Adams-Onís Treatywhich puts an end to the Spanish sovereignty of Florida.

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1901.- The steam passenger shipSS City of Rio de Janeiro” sinks at the entrance to the port of San Francisco (USA), an incident in which 128 people died.

1904.- O Orkney Antarctic Baseopened by the Scottish Expedition of William Speirs Bruceis transferred to the Argentine Republic.

1913.- The Mexican president, Francisco Maderois murdered after being deposed by general Victoriano Huerta.

1921.- It is created in Moscow Economic Planning Commission of Soviet Unionhe Goplan.

1928.- The Australian Bert Hinckler becomes the first aviator to make the longest solo light flight, completing the route between UK It is Australia.

1934.- Premiere in New York American comedy ‘It happened one night‘, the first film to obtain the Oscar in the five main categories.

1943.- Several members of the resistance organization against Nazism The White Rose are fully implemented Second World War by order of a German court.

1958.- Egypt It is Syria come together to form the United Arab Republica State that would last only three years.

1967.- He General Suharto takes power in Indonesia after the resignation of President Sukarno due to military pressure.

1979.- The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia becomes an independent State of the Commonwealth of Nations associated with Great Britain.

2002.- The Angolan leader Jonas Savimbifounder of JOINis killed by government troops.

2006.- Thieves steal £53m from security firm’s warehouse Security in the county of kentin the biggest robbery in the history of UK.

2007.- The technological Cisco It is Manzana reach an agreement to use the iPhone trademark jointly after a legal dispute over the rights to the name.

2009.- Penelope Cruz He wins Oscar best supporting actress for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Woody Allen and she becomes the first Spanish interpreter to achieve this.

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2014.- Ukrainian parliament fires president Viktor Yanukovychwho the day before had left the country after the protests in Maidan Squarein Kyiv.

.- Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmánone of the leaders of Pacific Cartelis arrested for drug trafficking in Mexicoafter 13 years on the run.

2021.- The woman of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Emma Coronelis detained in USAaccused of involvement international drug trafficking.


1599.- Anton van DyckFlemish painter, great portraitist.

1732.- George Washingtonfirst president of the United States.

1788.- Arthur SchopenhauerGerman philosopher.

1900.- Luis BuñuelSpanish filmmaker.

1905.- Luis SandriniArgentine actor.

1908.- John MillsBritish actor.

1921.- Giulietta MassinaItalian actress.

1928.- Thomas Eugene KurtzAmerican computer scientist, known for developing the BASIC programming language.

1932.- Edward KennedyUS senator.

1941.- Hipólito Mejiaformer president of the Dominican Republic.

1949.- Niki LaudaAustrian driver.

1969.- Joaquim CortesSpanish dancer.

1972.- Michael ChangAmerican tennis player.

1974.- James BluntBritish singer.

1975.- Drew BarrymoreAmerican actress.

1984.- Branislav IvanovicSerbian football player.

1985.- Larissa RiquelmeParaguayan model and actress.

1991.- Robin StjernbergSwedish singer.

1998.- Juliana VelasquezColombian actress, singer, presenter and dancer.


1512.- Amerigo VespucciItalian browser.

1760.- Ana Madalena BachGerman soprano and composer.

1875.- Jean Baptiste Camille CorotFrench painter.

1913.- Fernando de SaussureSwiss linguist, semiologist and philosopher.

1939.- Antonio MachadoSpanish writer.

1942.- Stefan ZweigAustrian writer and pacifist.

1958.- Abu Kalam AzadArab thinker, leader of the Indian independence movement.

1976.- Florence BallardAmerican singer from the band The Supremes.

1980.- Oskar KokoschkaAustrian painter.

1987.- Andy WarholAmerican artist, important figure of pop art.

1993.- Jean LecanuetFrench politician.

1994.- Pope John CreachAmerican blues and rock musician, he was a violinist for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna.

2002.- Jonas SavimbiAngolan politician.

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2007.- Ian Russell WallaceBritish musician, rock drummer, member of King Crimson.

2018.- Antonio FraguasForges, Spanish cartoonist and comedian.

2021.- Lawrence FerlinghettiAmerican poet.

Source: Elcomercio

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