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The death toll exceeds 29,500 in the Gaza Strip, after 104 victims in the last 24 hours

The official death toll in the war Israel has been with the company for 140 days Gaza strip this Friday exceeded 29,500 deaths, mostly women and children, along with more than 69,600 injured, according to the latest count from the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas.

“O Israeli occupation committed 10 massacres against families in Gaza Strip, resulting in 104 deaths and 160 injuries in the last 24 hours,” The cabinet announced this today in a statement, in which it detailed a total of 29,514 deaths and 69,616 injuries since October 7th.

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Several victims remain under the rubble and on the roads, and the occupation prevents ambulances and civil protection teams can reach them“, denounced the text, in reference to around 8,000 bodies It is estimated that they are still under the ruins.

Yesterday, in an Israeli air strike against four houses in the city of Deir Balah, in the center of Linkat least 40 people died, “90% women and children”while a hundred were injured, according to a statement from the enclave government’s communications office.

Also last night, an air raid on a house in the area of Zalataeast of Rafah, caused the death of its six residents, in addition to several injuries in the area who were taken to the Abu Yousef al Najjar Hospital, according to sources doctors mentioned today by the Palestinian news agency Wafa.

For its part, the Israeli Army announced today the continuation of operations in the west Jan Yunissouth of the Strip, where they claimed to have killed more than ten militiamen in the last day, according to a statement, in addition to having repelled an attack with an anti-tank missile, in which three militiamen participated and were killed.

Also in Jan Yunisdestroyed “operational complexes, sniper posts and weapons storage facilities”, and new attacks were carried out on Zaytunnorthern neighborhood of Link that the Army ordered evacuation a few days ago, and where “The soldiers killed more than ten terroriststhanks to snipers, drones and helicopters, as well as the location of weapons and military equipment.

Source: Elcomercio

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