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Hamas praises US soldier who blew himself up to protest the war in Gaza

Hamas He greeted the memory on Tuesday “immortal”of the American soldier who died after setting himself on fire on Sunday in front of the Embassy of Israel in U.S to protest the war in Link.

The immolation, whose images went viral on social media, is a “expression of the growing anger of the American people” against the Israeli offensive in Gaza stripthe Palestinian Islamic movement said in a statement published in English.

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U.S is one of the main allies Israel.

The deceased soldierIt will be immortal in the memory of Palestinians and free men throughout the world and a symbol of the spirit of global human solidarity with our people and their just cause.,” the statement added.

The video shows a man in military uniform proclaiming in front of the Israeli embassy that he will not be “accomplice to genocide Palestine”, before dousing himself with liquid and setting himself on fire shouting “Free Palestine!”and collapsing.

He was taken to hospital with serious injuries and died on Monday. O United States Air Force He confirmed that he was an active member of that body, without giving further details.

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The war broke out in October 7th when Islamic commandos killed about 1,160 people, mostly civilians, and kidnapped about 250 in southern Israel, according to an estimate based on official Israeli data.

In retaliation, Israel launched an air and ground offensive to “annihilate” for Hamaswhere almost 30,000 inhabitants of Linkmostly civilians, according to the health ministry of that Palestinian territory governed by the Islamic movement.

Source: Elcomercio

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