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UN warns that famine in northern Gaza is “imminent” if nothing changes

He World Food Program (PMA) of UN warned this Tuesday that hunger is “imminent“in the north of Linkwithout access to humanitarian aid and where war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas.

If nothing changes, famine will be imminent in northern Gaza“, he said Carl Skaudeputy executive director of AMPbefore him United Nations Security Council.

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Ramesh Rajasinghamfrom the Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office (OCHA), also warned that it was “almost inevitable” a widespread famine in the area, where no humanitarian organization has been able to provide aid since January 23.

Here we are, at the end of February, with at least 576 thousand people in Link – a quarter of its population – one step away from starvation, with one in six children under two years of age suffering from malnutrition and wasting awayRajasingham said.

About 97% of the water in Gaza was reported as “not suitable for human consumption”and agricultural production is beginning to collapse, he warned in turn Mauricio Martinadeputy director general of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Aid is waiting at the border, the UN secretary-general’s spokesman said on Tuesday. António Guterres.

WFP colleagues also tell us that they have food supplies on the border with Gaza and that, under certain conditions, they could feed more than 2.2 million people.” on the Strip, he said Stephane Dujarric to journalists.

Almost 1,000 trucks with 15,000 tons of food are in Egypt ready to move” he added.

Although, Jens Laerkespokesperson for THE TEAhe said earlier in Geneva for Israeli forces to block “systematically”Access to Gaza.

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All convoys scheduled to deliver aid to the north have been rejected by Israeli authorities in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, the country’s main aid agency UN in Gaza, the UNRWAIt is “at a turning point“, said its director last week.

Other agencies called on the Security Council to act: “We must all redouble our efforts and fulfill our responsibilities,” said Skau.

Source: Elcomercio

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