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VIDEO. USA: spectacular crash test of the catapult of the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy

Vehicles forcibly abandoned by the US Navy. The US Navy is testing a new launch system for its next aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-79). Heavy rolling vehicles are loaded onto catapults and then dropped into the James River. Goal: achieve more accurate and smooth launches. The weight of these rather unusual “cars” can reach 36 tons with a launch speed of almost 240 km/h.

The first loads used for these tests were signed by the manufacturers’ families. The dropped “cars” are then recovered and restarted until the end of the test program. “The first launch from the flight deck is a historic moment for the USS John F. Kennedy. I am especially proud of our aviation department and boatswain’s mates who worked tirelessly,” said Capt. Colin Day, commanding officer of the USS John F. Kennedy. The aircraft carrier has been under construction since 2011. Its delivery is scheduled for 2025.

Source: Le Parisien

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