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War between Israel and Hamas: Biden “hopes” for a truce by Ramadan

Officially, he has not given up hope. US President Joe Biden said on Friday he was “hopeful” a truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza could be reached by Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that begins on the evening of March 10 or 11.

When asked by journalists about the possibility of concluding a truce agreement in Palestinian territory by this date, the American president replied: “I hope so, we are still working a lot on this topic. We’re not there yet.” “We’re going to get there, but we’re not there yet and we probably won’t get there,” he said as he left the White House to spend the weekend at the presidential retreat at Camp David, near Washington.

Difficult negotiations

The Democrat said earlier this week that he hoped to reach an agreement on a six-week truce in the fighting between Israel and Hamas by next Monday, March 4, but returned to that agenda. Israeli shootings and a stampede during the distribution of humanitarian aid, which, according to Hamas, killed more than 110 people, could complicate the negotiations, the president previously acknowledged.

On Friday, faced with the desperate situation in the Gaza Strip, Joe Biden decided to involve the United States “in the coming days” and for the first time in delivering humanitarian aid by air to the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory under siege by the Israeli army.

Other countries have already begun airdropping. With the support of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands, Jordanian planes parachuted pallets of humanitarian aid.

Source: Le Parisien

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