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Around 90 deaths in the Strip in the last day, including five babies due to malnutrition

At least 92 Gazans lost their lives in the last 24 hours in Gaza stripincluding five babies due to malnutrition and dehydration, which brings the number of victims since the start of the war to 30,320 people, according to a count by the Ministry of Health of the enclave, controlled by Hamas.

“The Israeli occupation committed 10 massacres against families in Gaza Strip, claiming 92 martyrs and 156 injured in the last 24 hours”, the ministry reported.

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Furthermore, the ministry reported that the number of deaths this week of babies due to malnutrition and dehydration rose to 13 in Kamal Adwan Hospitalafter five children died in the last few hours in that center located in Beit Lahia.

Since Tuesday, at least 15 babies have died – two died on Wednesday in Shifa– due to malnutrition in hospitals in northern Rangewhere humanitarian aid does not reach and it is estimated that 700,000 people live at risk of hunger.

The number of injured since October 7 equals 71,533according to the official government count of Hamas.

“Several victims remain under the rubble and on the roads and the occupation prevents ambulances and civil protection teams from reaching them,” added the ministry, which amounts to around 7,000 bodies trapped under rubble since the war began.

The official Palestinian agency Wafa reported “intense air strikes against several houses in the neighborhoods of Zaytun, Tal al Hawa, Sabra and Daraj, in the city of Linkin which at least ten people died.

In Beit Hanounextreme north of the enclave, three citizens were killed and seven others were injured in a Israeli artillery attack directed at a group of civilians as they tried to collect some herbs to eat, because the occupation prevented aid from entering.”Wafa reported it.

What is more 15 inhabitants of Gaza died this morning in two Israeli air strikes against two homes in Deir al Balah, main city in the center of the enclave; while two others died in a bomb attack on a house in Yabalia, to the north of the Strip, where more than 70 people were taking refuge; and two others in Jan Yunis.

In Rafain the extreme south of Range where they expect an imminent Israeli ground offensive, a drone bombed a civilian vehicle in the vicinity of Shabourakilling two people and injuring a dozen, medical sources confirmed to EFE.

Source: Elcomercio

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