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Blackouts will affect a third of Cuba during the afternoon and evening of this Saturday

The blackouts will affect a third of the Cuba (34%) during the afternoon-evening of this Saturday, on another day with a high energy deficit, according to forecasts from the state-owned company Unity Electric (UNE).

The biggest impact recorded so far this year was on February 13, when 45% of the island suffered blackouts.

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O UNITE calculate for schedulenozzle” this Saturday an electrical generation capacity of 2,160 megawatts (MW) and a maximum demand of 3,150 MW.

The deficit – the difference between supply and demand – will be 990 MW and the impact – the circuits that will be disconnected – will reach 1,060 MW at night.

He Cuban electrical system It is in a precarious situation, evident in the frequent failures and breakdowns of its land plants due to lack of investment.

The outlook improved at the end of last year, but service cuts resumed in early 2024 and the damage exceeded 40% of the territory several times.

According to UNITEthe main causes respond to “unavailability” of fuel and breakdowns in some terrestrial thermoelectric plants.

The lack of foreign currency state It also limited the import of fuels, which affects national energy production.

He Cuban government leased up to seven floating power plants to the Turkish company in the last five years Karpowership to alleviate the lack of generation capacity, a quick but temporary, polluting and expensive solution.

The blackouts were one of the triggers for the anti-government protests of recent years, including those of July 11, 2021, the largest in decades.

Source: Elcomercio

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