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War between Israel and Hamas: US begins dropping humanitarian aid into Gaza

The United States has begun airdropping humanitarian aid into Gaza, which faces a severe humanitarian crisis after months of war, a US military official said on Saturday.

Three US warplanes dropped food supplies on the Gaza Strip, which has been bombed and besieged by the Israeli army, to “assist civilians affected by the current conflict,” a Pentagon spokesman said. The planes dropped “66 bags of non-pork food” on Saturday afternoon local time in the Gaza Strip, the official said, adding that he could not provide a total weight.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that Washington would join “in the coming days” and for the first time, “Jordan and other countries in airdropping food and other goods” on the Gaza Strip. France carried out several landings.

“Innocent people were trapped in a terrible war, unable to feed their families, and you saw the reaction when they tried to get help,” he added, referring to the aid distribution that turned tragic on Thursday in the Gaza Strip.

Is there a sea corridor coming soon?

The Hamas health ministry accuses the Israeli army of killing 115 people by shooting into a hungry crowd rushing to help trucks. The Israeli army acknowledged “limited shooting” and said most of the victims died in a “crush.”

Until now, the United States, Israel’s main backer, has not carried out such aid operations, considering their effectiveness to be limited. Joe Biden also mentioned on Friday “the possibility of creating a maritime corridor to transport large volumes of aid.”

Source: Le Parisien

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