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Half of governors support Milei’s call for the founding pact

Half of the provincial governors, as can be said this Saturday, accept the founding pact that the Argentine president proposed to them the day before, Javier Mileiafter tension between the Executives increased due to the lack of political support for libertarian measures and the cut in the sending of public funds to the provinces.

Twelve provincial governors – mainly from center right and only one Peronist – endorsed the signature of the ‘May Pact‘, a new founding document with ten State policies, which Milei announced this Friday in the opening speech of the ordinary sessions of Congress.

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Milei called the 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to the signing of this document on May 25th, National Day, in the city of Córdoba (center).

In addition to the support of the former president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) -who warned that the party he founded, Republican Proposal (PRO), “will be in Córdoba to sign the Pact of May 25th” -, his cousin and mayor of Good Aires, Jorge Macri.

The governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torreswho even threatened to cut off the supply of gas and oil to his province and exchanged personal disqualifications with Milei over joint funds, said he agreed “north of the proposed axes, with dialogue and respect for federalism.”

The Cordovan also accepted the appeal Martin Llariorawhich also had a public confrontation with the national government, after its deputies did not support the ‘omnibus law’ that Milei needed and the consequent withdrawal of funds for public transport and teachers’ salaries for all provinces, which added to the 98% cut on discretionary transfers.

Milei’s call was double, as he called the governors before “sign a pre-agreement and sanction both the Legal bases and starting points for the freedom of Argentines (omnibus law) as a fiscal relief package for the provinces” and then work on the pact.

The ten state policies in the compact are inviolability of private property; fiscal balance; reduction of public spending to 25% of GDP; tax reform that reduces tax pressure; new co-participation (State-provinces); advance in the exploration of natural resources; labor reform; pension reform; political reform; and opening up international trade so that Argentina.

The governor of Entre Rios, Rogelio Frigerio, He expressed that he “agrees with each of the 10 points”; that of Chaco, Leandro Zdero, also offered his “courage”; that of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, He promised “work collaboratively”.

The governor of Santa Fe, Maximiliano Pullaro, asked to “discuss federal co-participation to establish a balance between the resources provided by the provinces and what is returned”; and that of Neuquen, Rolando Figueroarecalled that “it is not possible to have a strong national government with weak provinces, nor is it possible to have a weak national government with strong provinces”.

The provinces of San Luis, Misiones and San Juan They also joined and even joined the Peronist Party Tucumán.

Milei faces potential governance problems because her strength, Advances of Freedomhas a minority position in the Congress and no governor.

Source: Elcomercio

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