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The US steps up humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip in hopes of a six-week truce

U.S this Saturday intensified the delivery of humanitarian aid in Link distributing approximately 38,000 meals on military aircraft, as the White House expects Israel and Palestine commit to a six-week ceasefire agreement before the start of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan on March 10.

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The US objective, announced this Saturday by senior US administration officials, White House, is “flooding” the humanitarian aid zone to avoid the damage that “criminal gangs” cause when they resort to this type of help.

The food packages, which were sent with aid from Jordan, did not include water or medical supplies and, according to aid organizations, these airdrops fall far short of meeting the food and supply needs in the area, where more than 2 million people live. of people. face hunger.

According to the White House, after the launch of the food in spaces chosen by the US in Gaza The civilians shared the food among themselves without incident. This was the first time that the North American country launched aerial assistance.

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“We are looking at land, sea and air routes to really make sure we are exploring all opportunities,” a White House official said today.

This week, the United States Government announced the sending of 53 million dollars in humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and West Bank through its Agency for International Development (USAID).

USAID Administrator Samantha Power, who is now on an official visit to Palestine, said much of this aid will go to food programs through the World Food Program and international non-governmental organizations.

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Possibility of ceasefire

Regarding the possibility of a ceasefire, according to the White House, Israel “more or less” accepted a six-week proposal in Linkwhile Hamas has not yet accepted a “defined category of vulnerable hostages.”

The six-week ceasefire It would allow the release of several of the hostages held in Gaza and the flow of humanitarian aid, they explained in a call to the media.

“The path to a ceasefire at this time is simple. There is an agreement on the table. The Israelis more or less accepted this. And there could be a six-week ceasefire in Gaza starting today if Hamas agrees to release a defined category of vulnerable hostages,” the official noted.

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According to the spokesperson, ceasefire negotiations are still ongoing in Doha.

In turn, on Friday afternoon, President Joe Biden called for an “immediate ceasefire”.

In almost five months of war, more than 30,200 people have died in the Gaza Strip, including the 115 Gazans who died on Thursday during a food distribution in Gaza City, when Israel fired on people waiting, as admitted, although he attributes the number of victims to an avalanche caused by the hungry crowd that rushed against the trucks.

Source: Elcomercio

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