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Chilean prosecutor links the Aragua Train to the murder of the former Venezuelan soldier

The regional prosecutor coordinator of the Team against Organized Crime and Homicide, Heitor Barroslinked this Monday to the criminal gang Aragua Trainborn in a Venezuelan prison and spread across Pepper, Peru It is Boliviawith the alleged kidnapping and murder of the former Venezuelan soldier Ronald Ojeda Moreno.

We carry out a series of procedures to establish the participation of each of the accused, with the complexities that this means in a context of transnational organized crime, linked mainly to Aragua Trainwho has been committing various crimes such as kidnapping“Barros said at a press conference.

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After the hearing in which a 17-year-old young man, deprived of liberty, was accused of kidnapping and murder, Barros explained that the court established that “There is a transnational organization operating in this kidnapping linked to organized crime”.

According to the prosecutor, the justice system also confirmed the defendants’ participation in “provide coverage in close proximity to the victim’s home”, whose remains were found on Friday in a commune in the south of Santiago.

The court, which gave 60 days for the investigation, decreed the “provisional admission” from the subject, also Venezuelan, to a juvenile justice center for minors.

Two other suspects were identified and have an active arrest warrant, but are on the run from justice. According to Barros, both “They play a very important role in events“because probably”They directly participated in the kidnapping inside the building and in the victim’s apartment”.

Ojeda’s family lawyer, Juan Carlos Márquezsaid after the hearing that “The alleged criminal organization would be carrying out a mission”and assured that“There is no indication that Ojeda was linked to any illicit activity.”.

Ojeda’s remains were found on Friday in the middle of a police operation in the commune of Maipúmainly on uneven ground where it was buried 1.4 meters deep under a cement block.

The head of the Public Ministry, Angel Valenciathis Monday described the alleged kidnapping as “atypical, not only because of the amount of resources allocated to its commission – he said – but also because a former Venezuelan military officer was involved (…) who was also a refugee”.

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According to the first version presented, based on speculation, camera recordings and the discovery of a car with a fake uniform, Ojeda would have been taken from his home in the middle of the night, almost naked, by a group of people dressed in police uniforms and taken to an unknown location.

From then on, the press pointed to an alleged secret operation by the Venezuelan secret services, which would have infiltrated the country and taken Ojeda to the prison from where he allegedly escaped.

A version that was soon echoed by the Chilean opposition, which began to ask the Government for explanations, and which even went so far as to Caracaswhere it was mockingly denied by Venezuelan authorities.

Source: Elcomercio

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