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Zelensky: NATO can protect Ukraine like Israel was protected from Iran

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyinsisted today on asking its allies to get involved in protecting Ukraine from Russian airstrikes to the same extent that some of them did to protect Israel of missiles and drones Will.

The head of Ukrainian state recalled that, as with Ukraine, Israel is not a member of NATOand stated that, because of this, “the activation of article 5” of the Washington Treaty (founding letter of the alliancewhich establishes that an attack on a State member is an attack against all members of the organization) to grant Ukraine the same type of protection as the Hebrew state.

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Political will is enough“, he said Zelensky after that United States, United Kingdom and France will help from their bases in the region, together with some of the region’s regional allies Israel to shoot down part of the more than three hundred drones and missiles that Iran fired at the Jewish State in the early hours of Sunday.

The degree of interception of these drones and missiles on the part of Israel and his allies got 99%.

When defending Israelthe free world has demonstrated that this type of unity is not only possible, but 100% effective“, he said Zelensky in a message published on his Telegram account. “The same is possible to protect against terrorism Ukrainewhich, like Israel, is not a member of the NATO“added the Ukrainian leader.

Ukraine remains vulnerable to missiles and Russian drones in most of the country’s territory, and Kyiv It insistently requests more air defense systems from its partners so that its cities and infrastructure are no longer vulnerable to Russian attacks.

Since last March Russia runs an aggressive campaign bombings against the Ukrainian energy system that caused supply problems. In just a few weeks, Russia managed to destroy some of the most important plants in the Ukraine and destroyed 80% of the thermal generation capacity of Ukraine.

Source: Elcomercio

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