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Pizzas are being recalled across France due to the risk of glass shards in the ingredients.

This product recall… is completely unprecedented. The pizza, sold in Auchan stores and sold throughout France, was highlighted this Monday on the government website Rappel Conso. The product is being recalled due to the possible presence of glass residue in one of the ingredients.

The “queen, goat cheese, honey, Alsatian, Franche Comté and tuna” pizzas come to mind in detail. They were distributed by the Auchan hypermarket in Avallon (Yonne) and sold throughout France from 8 to 12 April.

First of all, stop eating pizza.

These pizzas are being recalled due to the “possible but unproven presence of glass residue in the ingredient ‘oregano leaf’ present in store-prepared pizzas.” Therefore, as a safety measure, it is recommended that customers who have purchased one or more of these pizzas do not consume it again, return the product to the point of sale, or destroy it.

Customers affected by purchasing one of these pizzas may be eligible for a refund.

Source: Le Parisien

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