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Iran’s attack on Israel: Iran’s ambassador to France was summoned to the Foreign Ministry

Iran’s ambassador to France was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday, where he was informed of Paris’s condemnation of Iran’s “irresponsible attack” on Israel, the Quai d’Orsay reported.

Ambassador Mohammed Amin-Nejad was reminded “with the greatest firmness” of France’s condemnation of the attack carried out by Iran on Saturday night, Quai said in a statement.


“The Islamic Republic, by launching this irresponsible attack, risks igniting a fire in which no one will be interested. These serious and unprecedented actions, which threaten the security of Israel, the security of our partners and regional stability, must cease immediately,” adds Kwai.

“France is working with its partners to de-escalate and calls on everyone to exercise restraint,” continues the ministry, which also reiterated to the ambassador its “demand for the immediate release of our citizens arbitrarily detained in Iran.”

Four Frenchmen are still detained in Iran, with Paris calling them “state hostages”.

Several calls to Europe

Several European countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium, also summoned Iran’s ambassador to their soil on Monday to express their condemnation of this weekend’s unprecedented attack.

The head of diplomacy, Stephane Sejournet, announced the summons of the ambassador to France on Sunday evening. In a message published on social network

Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles towards Israeli territory on Saturday night in response to an April 1 strike on the consular annex of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, attributed to Israel.

Almost all the missiles and drones were destroyed before they hit Israeli territory. This was Iran’s first direct attack on Israel.

Source: Le Parisien

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