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Shakira announced world tour: When will she reveal the dates and cities she will visit?

After making a surprise appearance at the Coachella 2024 festival and announcing her return to the stage with her “Women No Longer Cry World Tour,” the Colombian singer Shakira revealed the date on which he will announce the days and cities he will visit with his world tour.

Through her official Instagram account, the “I congratulate you” singer shared a teaser that shows images of her at recent concerts. “The wolf is coming,” is the message that accompanied her publication.

“They are ready? Countdown to the first announcement of #LMYNLWT dates starts right now. See you in 24 hours! Register for the Wolfpack at to be one of the first to receive all the details! points out the legend of the publication.

In this way, Shakira announced that the dates and cities she will visit on her next world tour will be announced this Tuesday, April 16 through her website

When you open the page, a counter appears showing that there are less than 24 hours until the official announcement of the “Women No Longer Cry” tour. It should be noted that although there are no official dates, according to Shakira herself, the tour will begin in the same city where she performed with Bizarrap.

“Today I can’t contain myself. Today I have to tell you something. Biza, I’m going on tour. I’m finally going on tour. We’re finally going on tour, starting here, this November, this year, in this city. I can not wait. I could not ask for more!”, said the Colombian, while the screens showed the text “Las Mujeres No Longer Cry World Tour” in white.

Source: Elcomercio

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