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Hezbollah says it attacked Israeli soldiers who “crossed the border” into Lebanon

The pro-Iran movement Hezbollah He stated this Monday that he activated “explosive devices” when Israeli soldiers passed by, who, he said, crossed the border with Lebanonwhile Israel reported four wounded soldiers.

The Israeli army said on Monday that several soldiers were injured in Lebanese territory, after be previously reported that four soldiers were attacked in “an area of ​​the northern border.”

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“We confirm that the incident occurred in Lebanona military spokesman told AFP.

He Hezbollah Lebanese have exchanged fire for daily with Israel since the start of the war Link between the Israeli army and the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas for more than six months, but this is the first time that an operation of this type has been reported.

The fighters of Hezbollah “They placed artifacts in the Tal Ismailclose to the border with Israelthat exploded after soldiers Israelisthey crossed the border“, the group indicated in a statement.

The Israeli army announced that four of its soldiers, “active in an area of ​​the northern border”, they were injured during the night, one of them seriously, “after an explosion of unknown origin”.

This attack comes after a weekend of high voltage in the region.

On Saturday night, Iran launched a unprecedented attack with around 300 drones and missiles against Israel, in response for a bomb attack against its consulate in Damascus, which the Islamic Republic attributes to the Jewish State.

At the same time, Hezbollah announced that it fired two volleys of rockets at military positions Israelis at the Collar Syria, occupied by Israel.

Israel also took for carried out several attacks Lebanese territory.

Source: Elcomercio

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