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“He’s welcome here”: Australia offers citizenship to Frenchman who stopped Sydney attacker

After his act, he was called a “hero.” Damien Guerault, the Frenchman who fought off an attacker who fatally wounded six people at a shopping center in Sydney, Australia, with a pole this Saturday, will be offered Australian citizenship, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Tuesday. “I tell Damien Gero, who is handling his visa applications, that he is welcome here and that he can stay as long as he wants,” Anthony Albanese said.

The prime minister praised Damien Guero, thanking him for his “extraordinary bravery” when he confronted Joël Cauchy, a 40-year-old mentally ill man, on an escalator to stop him from causing more victims. “We would happily welcome him as an Australian citizen, although of course it would be a loss for France. We thank him for his extraordinary bravery,” he added.

He is also called “the man with the pole.”

Damien Gero was dubbed “the man on duty” and hailed as a “hero” for intervening during the attack. “When we are faced with difficult problems, it says a lot about human nature that a person who is not a citizen of this country courageously stood at the top of an escalator and prevented an intruder from ascending to the next floor and potentially committing further carnage,” Anthony Albanese said.

Five women and a Pakistani security guard were killed in the attack, which was not blamed on terrorism. Police are investigating whether the attacker specifically targeted women. Anthony Albanese wanted to celebrate the mutual aid between strangers in the face of this outbreak of violence and the bravery of police officer Amy Scott, who single-handedly tracked down the attacker and shot him dead. “I think on Saturday we saw the best of human nature and at the same time a devastating tragedy,” he said.

Source: Le Parisien

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