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Ecuador returns to blackouts due to drought in reservoirs and drop in imports from Colombia

Ecuador has returned to recording temporary blackouts since Sunday due to electricity rationing due to the lack of generation from its hydroelectric plants due to a severe drought and the decrease in energy imports from Colombiawhich is also in critical condition.

In a statement released this Monday, the Ministry of Energy and Mines announced that blackouts will be scheduled for this Tuesday and Wednesday in different parts of the country, as already happened at the end of 2023, when for several weeks there were blackouts of up to four hours during the day.

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The new blackouts began on Sunday in several cities across the country without the Government announcing them, as the Minister of Energy and Mines Andrea Arrobohad ruled out this short-term measure on Friday.

At first, the Executive referred to the cuts in electricity supply due to “emergent maintenance”, but this Monday he acknowledged that this energy rationing measure will be carried out immediately because it cannot satisfy all national demand.

We must act responsibly towards Ecuadorians and temporary rationing will be carried out to manage demand at a national level.“, announced the Ministry of Energy and Mines in the statement.

Failure to do so would mean compromising energy supply for everyone.“, he warned.

The Ministry highlighted that blackout times will vary depending on the distributor, with which “It was established that the suspension (of the electrical fluid) always occurs at the same time, with the aim of contributing to the planning of Ecuadorians”.

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As causes of this situation he mentioned “O extent of droughthe increase in temperaturesO lack of maintenance of all infrastructure of the electrical system in previous years and the presence of minimum flow levels”.

We make a civic appeal to all Ecuadorians to support efforts to reduce energy consumption in this critical week, considering that every drop of water and every kilowatt not consumed counts towards facing this reality together.“, said the Ministry in the statement.

Throughout this year, it is expected that the electrical interconnection will operate between Ecuador It is Perua project financed by Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and by European Investment Bank (EIB) which should make it possible to withstand this type of electricity production shortage crisis.

Source: Elcomercio

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