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The war between Israel and Hamas: a lesson in the resilience of five-year-old Fatma, mutilated in the Gaza Strip

The bombing lost his left leg. So five-year-old Fatma is jumping all over the place. His little arms move to maintain his balance. Her big brown eyes widen. “It’s easy,” she vows. “The Duck,” as it is nicknamed at this complex in Doha, Qatar, dedicated to hosting Palestinian refugees, is running at full speed. The adults behind her are not far behind. “Yalla! “, ” Come on ! “She constantly encourages.

Crutches? She lifts her chin. Yes, yes, she despises it. They are dark blue and tailored to his size. One broke the day before, the other lies on the ground on the playground, already far from it. The little girl doesn’t need a wheelchair or any assistance. The metal ramp leading up to his building rattles under the impact of his single sandal.

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Source: Le Parisien

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