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Gaza: numbers and words

How many deaths are there in Gaza? Since the IDF entered the Palestinian enclave to “destroy Hamas,” disputes about the number of troops have not stopped. An angry—often unseemly—battle between lawyers for the Jewish state and defenders of the Palestinian cause. Hamas Ministry of Health, whose statistics give there for seven months published its latest report this Saturday: 35,386 deaths. Among the nearly 25,000 identified bodies, about 5,000 are women and 8,000 are children…

UN agencies may point out that these data are the only ones available and that they appear reliable, but doubts are naturally allowed if they come from a ministry associated with those responsible for the October 7 massacre in Israel. A few days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu put the figure at 30,000 dead, highlighting another dimension of the casualties: almost half (14,000) would be Hamas members. Israel is doing everything to “limit civilian casualties like no other army has done,” he says, without mentioning the gender or age of the victims.

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Source: Le Parisien

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