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Netanyahu rules out recolonizing Gaza after the war, but excludes the Palestinian Authority

The government of Israel does not in any way contemplate recolonization Link after the current war, as the Prime Minister said this Tuesday Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with CNN.

The recolonization of Gaza was never on the table and I said so openly (although) my voters are not happy with it, but that’s my position“, said Netanyahu, alluding to the hard-line parties that are in favor of reintroducing settler settlements in Link.

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The Prime Minister, criticized for not having a precise plan for the post-war period, assured today in that interview that any future project must first involve eradication. Hamas of his last fief, which is the city of Rafabut then he gave some clues.

First, the physical reconstruction of the Palestinian enclave would be carried out by “moderate Arab states and the international community“, he stated, without giving further clues, although probably alluding to the Arab governments that recognize Israel or are in the process of doing so.

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He would then admit “a civil administration run by Gazans” which would also be demilitarized, as long as it was not hostile to Israel.

From this future administration, he excluded both Hamas and the Palestinian authority (which governs the West Bank), since the latter “seeks the destruction of Israel by terrorists: the more Jews you kill, the more money they give you”.

Source: Elcomercio

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