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Argentina: protesters seeking salary improvements enter the Misiones Legislative Chamber | VIDEO

Protesters from different sectors who have been protesting for a week in the Argentine province of Missions (Northeast of the country) in search of salary improvements crossed this Thursday the police posts that surround the Chamber of Deputies of the region in the city of Inns.

As can be seen in several videos published on social media, dozens of protesters overcame the security fences outside the headquarters of the province’s legislative chamber, which borders Paraguay It is Brazil.

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After the forced entry of the protesters, most of whom were teachers, a large police force was positioned at the door of the building.

Local and national media present at the scene of the incidents reported the use of pepper spray against protesters and journalists.

In the videos released you can see how the workers at House of Representatives of Missiones They observe the situation from inside the building through the windows.

Started a week ago by the province’s local police union, the protests in Missiones have intensified, with road closures around Inns.

At the moment, land and river border crossings between ArgentinaParaguay and Brazil were not directly affected by the protests.

Posadas, the epicenter of the mobilizations, and the Paraguayan city of Encarnación are separated by Parana Riverbut united by San Roque González International Bridge in Holy Cross.

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The provincial government announced this Thursday that it will criminally prosecute police officers who participate in protests and “will determine the responsibilities”.

The Minister of Government of Misiones, Marcelo Pérez, described the agents’ mobilizations as “revolt” and considered this “inadmissible”.

In turn, the Argentine Government decided last Friday to create a crisis committee in the province in which members of the governor’s Executive also participate. Hugo Passalacqua (dissident Peronism).

Source: Elcomercio

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