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Daniel Ortega guarantees that his brother Humberto committed “treason against the country” in 1992

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortegastated on Tuesday that his brother and former Army chief, Humberto Ortegawho, according to exiled opponents, is under house arrest, committed an act of “betrayal of the country”when decorating a soldier of U.S in 1992.

When referring to Humberto Ortega as “the head of the army at that time”, without naming him, the president of Nicaragua described that decoration as a “act of surrender” It is “national shame”.

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This inconceivable action is classified as a national shame, giving a Yankee soldier a medal of such relevance and significance and clearly constitutes an act of surrender and betrayal of the country.”, said Daniel Ortega.

Retired General Humberto Ortega, head of the Army from 1979 to 1995, imposed on the US military attaché Dennis Quinn O “Camilo Ortega” Medalin honor of the younger brother who died fighting the dictator Anastácio Somoza in 1978.

According to the president Daniel Ortega“Quinn made a good relationship.”with the head of the army at that time” It’s this one “committed the sacrilege of giving him this order”.

The army chief had already given his soul to the devil” in the 1990s, he added, when annulling the decoration by decree he read at the event in Managua.

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Invalidating this statement also erases the affront committed against a hero of the Sandinista revolution.“, said Ortega, referring to his brother Camilo.

A week ago, the police Nicaragua installed a medical unit in the home of Humberto Ortega, a government critic, a measure interpreted as house arrest by opponents in exile.

The measure was announced by the Nicaraguan police in a statement days after the former head of the Army said in a press interview that his brother has no successors.

Source: Elcomercio

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