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Ecuador: at least 6 dead and 30 missing due to avalanche after rain in the Andean region

Ecuador: at least 6 dead and 30 missing due to avalanche after rain in the Andean region

Ecuador: at least 6 dead and 30 missing due to avalanche after rain in the Andean region

At least six people died, another six were injured and 30 are missing, according to a preliminary report from the National Risk Management Secretariat (SNGR) of Ecuador about the landslide that occurred this Sunday in an Andean region in the center of the country, affected by heavy rains.

The avalanche was recorded in the town of El Placer, in the Río Verde area, close to the tourist town of Baños de Agua Santa, in the province of Tungurahua, where the volcano with the same name is born, SNGR reported.

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“Due to the rains recorded in the sector, a landslide of magnitude occurred that completely affects the main road, affecting people and machines working in the sector”, added the source, in reference to the closure of the road that connects to Baños. from Agua Santa to Puyo, capital of the neighboring Amazon province of Pastaza.

For its part, the ECU-911 Integrated Security Service indicated that up to nine people could have died in that avalanche and reported that a road bridge in the area is at risk due to the increase in the flow of the Pastaza River.

Likewise, ECU-911 indicated that close to this location, in the Pelileo area, a landslide occurred that affected the Cahuají-Pillate-Cotaló road, which crosses at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano.

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The effects of the storms recorded this weekend also affected other provinces in the central Andean area of ​​the country, as well as the Amazon region.

In the Andean province of Chimborazo, the overflow of the Puela River was reported, as well as the collapse of a bridge in the Palitahua area, where houses are at risk.

The overflow of the Chimbo River, in the same region, caused authorities evacuate 55 people (tourists) in the Guso sector.

Also on the Chimborazo volcano, which gives its name to the province, a snowfall and hail was recorded that affected the road that connects the cities of Riobamba and Guaranda, in the place where there is a route to climb to the refuge of that mountain, the highest of the country with 6,263 meters high.

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The accumulation of hail prevented the vehicle passage on that road, the source added, specifying that the road was closed to traffic.

In the Amazon province of Morona Santiago, in the southeast of the country, the flooding of the Tutanangoza River undermined the foundations of the one-way bridge, as well as in the neighboring region of San Luis del Upano, where the River Upano descended also increased its flow and hampered the kisses from another bridge used by the community.

The intense rains They affected other roads in Morona Santiago, such as Sucúa-Wakami, Nuevos Horizontes-San José Norte, Tayuza-Muchinkin and Mojon-Paquisha, where the Malicuaba River overflowed its banks.

The overflow of the Palora River was also recorded near the municipality of Pablo Sexto, while the flood of the Copueno River interrupted traffic on the road that connects the cities of Macas (capital of Morona Santiago) and Puyo (headwaters of the Amazon province). of Pastaza).

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In the Amazon province of Napo, the overflow of tributaries that flow down the Gallo de Peña and San José streams affected a school in the city of El Chaco and affected a secondary road.

A bridge over the Oyacachi River collapsed and affected the Chontaloma neighborhood, in the parish of Santa Rosa de El Chaco, as well as a road used for fish farming.

Several alternative and primary roads were also affected by the storms in the Amazon province of Pastaza, where a bridge over the Tigris River was reported to have collapsed, as well as a Slide which affected the road between Puyo and Tena.

In the Andean province of Pichicnha, whose capital is Quito, the Pisque river overflow in the Guayllabamba area and landslides in the Chillogallo area and on the Pifo-Papallacta highway, which “is completely closed”.

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Near the city of Cayambe, about 80 kilometers north of Quito, the overflow of the Guachalá River destroyed road infrastructure and a tourist area.

Incidences due to rains have also been reported in the Andean province of Cañar (south), due to the overflow of the Burgay River; as well as in neighboring Azuay, where the Cuenca-Girón-Pasaje highway was affected.

Source: Elcomercio

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