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June 17th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 17th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 17th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a June 17thbut in 1991, the South African Parliament repealed the “apartheid” or system of racial segregation.


1821.- Dies Martin Miguel de Guemesone of the heroes of the independence of Argentinaa country that celebrates today Passage to Immortality Day of this general.

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1866.- The president Benito Juarez establishes its government in chihuahua (Mexico).

1885.- O Statue of Liberty arrives at the port of New York.

1911.- They manifest themselves in London almost 50,000 suffragists to demand the female vote.

1928.- The American aviator Amelia Earthartaccompanied by the pilot W. Stutzcross the ocean Atlanticthe first woman to do so, a feat she achieved alone on May 20, 1932.

1939.- He was guillotined for the last time in public in Francethe serial killer Eugen Weidmann.

1944.- Iceland becomes independent of Denmark.

1946.- First call from a cell phone, a driver in Saint Louis, Missouri (USA.).

1950.- First Kidney transplantation successfully in a hospital Chicago (USA.).

1953.- The workers’ revolt in Berlin eastern against the government of German Democratic Republicwith the result of one hundred deaths.

1961.- The Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev He escapes onto the runway at the Paris airport. La Bourget and avoid returning to Moscow.

1967.- China explodes your first test Hydrogen bomb.

1972.- The political scandal of Watergate after five men were arrested who tried to rob the building of the same name, headquarters of the Democratic Party in washington (USA.). The next day, the Washington Post published it.

1982.- He General Leopoldo Galtieri resigns as head of the Army after the Argentine defeat in Falklands War.

1985.- Mexico Play the Morelos Ifirst artificial satellite of that country.

1992.- The American president, George Bushand that of Russia, Boris Yeltsinsign the historic agreements of Cooperation and Friendship in reducing their nuclear arsenals.

1994.- The United Nations Convention on Fight against Desertification.

2001.- Seventy inmates carry out historic escape from maximum security prison in Escuintla (Guatemala), known as ‘The hell‘. Five prisoners die.

2008.- Norwaythe first Nordic country and the sixth in the world to legalize Gay marriage.

2011.- Retired general arrested Rafael López Fuentesaccused of genocide during the Armed conflict in Guatemala (1960-1996).

2013.- To the monsoon rains at the India In one week, more than 800 people died and 2,000 disappeared.

2018.- The lawyer Ivan Duque is invested as president of the Colombia.

2019.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrardannounces the detention of almost 800 migrants hidden in trucks, as part of the new immigration control plan agreed with U.S.

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2020.- They remove the statues of Christopher Columbus and the Queen Elizabeth at the roundabout California Capitol (U.S).

2021.- The west coast of U.S suffers a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees.


1781.- Francisco Espoz and MinaSpanish military.

1882.- Igor StravinskyRussian musician.

1914.- Juliana MariasSpanish philosopher and essayist.

1936.- Ken LoachBritish filmmaker.

1942.- Mohamed ElBaradeiEgyptian politician, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

1943.- Barry ManilowAmerican singer.

[1945- Eddy Merckxciclista belga.

1947.- Paulo jovemcantora britânica.

1973.- Paulina Rubiocantor mexicano.

1980.- Vênus Williamstenista americano.


1897.- Eloy Gonzalosoldado espanhol, herói da Guerra de Cuba.

1905.- Máximo Gomezherói da independência cubana.

1986.- Kat Smithcantor americano.

2007.- Gianfranco Ferrécostureiro italiano.

2008.- Cyd Charissedançarina e atriz americana.

2009.- Ralf Dahrendorfsociólogo e político britânico-alemão.

2015.- Suleiman Demirelex-presidente da Turquia.

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2019.- Mohammed Mursiex-presidente do Egito.

2021.- Kenneth Kaundaprimeiro presidente da Zâmbia.

2022.- Jean-Louis Trintignantator francês.

Source: Elcomercio

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