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Brazil registers 188 deaths from coronavirus and 15,300 infections in one day

Brazil It registered 188 deaths from covid and 15,300 new infections from the virus in the last 24 hours, figures that were not seen since the beginning of last year and that have fallen in the country thanks to advances in vaccination, the Government reported on Thursday.

According to the latest balance of the Ministry of Health, the South American giant accumulates 610,224 fatalities and 21,924,598 positives, since February 2020, when the pandemic reached this nation.

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The figures confirm Brazil, with its 213 million inhabitants, as one of the three countries hardest hit by the pandemic, along with the United States and India, numbers that have registered a notable drop since June, due to the vaccination campaign.

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Data from the Health portfolio indicate that 74% of the Brazilian population has already received the first dose of the vaccine and 58% already has the complete immunization schedule.

This has brought the daily averages of deaths and infections to levels that had only been seen in April and May 2020, respectively, with an average of 222 deaths and 10,780 daily infections in the last week.

Today’s averages do not compare with the record averages of more than 3,000 fatalities due to covid that the country registered in April this year, or those of more than 77,000 positives last June.


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