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Thousands of women march in Rome against sexist violence | PHOTOS

Thousands of women demonstrated today in Roma to denounce sexist violence at the cry of “We want each other alive”, for the first time on the streets since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in February 2020.

The march has been organized by the collective “Not one less”(Not one less) and left from the Plaza de la República, congregating several thousand people.

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Two days after 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, The Roman protest served to denounce the sexist aggressions but also the situation of vulnerability to which the pandemic has pushed many.

In addition to walking the streets of Roma, theatrical actions were carried out and a minute of silence was observed for the victims.

The demonstration chanted slogans “Feminists” and “transfeminists” and it also served to demand from politics the renewal of the Triennial Plan against Violence, which expired in 2020.

The approval of laws that protect the LGBTI community was also vindicated, after a bill that considered these attacks as a hate crime due to a motion of the extreme right was recently shipwrecked in Parliament.

The colective “Not one less “ Femicides figure in 90 in 2021 and three transsexuals were murdered.

Official figures from the National Institute of Statistics (Istat) for 2020 indicate that 116 women were victims of voluntary homicide, 0.38% of every 100,000 women (a previous year they had been 111).

The Istat, based on the testimony of the attackers, has calculated that 92.2% of these women were murdered by someone they knew and more than half, 60, by their partners.


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