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A woman receives 10 million dollars after stepping on a rusty nail in a popular supermarket

An injury sustained after stepping on a rusty nail at a Walmart supermarket allowed April Jones, a South Carolina woman, USA, receive a $ 10 million award from a jury.

In June 2015, the victim filed a lawsuit against the chain after suffering the incident in a main aisle of the store located on Beltline Drive, in Florence, South Carolina, said the lawyers of the Anastopoulo Law Firm.

The victim suffered the amputation of a leg despite undergoing several surgeries, as the rust of the nail had caused a very severe infection, as confirmed by the jury during a trial held at the end of November this year.

Money can’t buy everything

April Jones He said that his nightmare began when the second toe of his right foot was amputated, but three more toes had to be cut off because the infectious process did not stop.

However, the problem persisted and the medical staff treating the woman had no choice but to amputate her leg above the knee.

The victim’s attorneys mentioned that her client has been living in a wheelchair for the past six years under the supervision of her adult children, according to station WBTW-FOX8.

Victory in court against Walmart it is based on strong evidence: the supermarket chain did not present any video demonstrating compliance with the company’s “sweep regularly” protocol with respect to safety regulations.

“The jury sent a message to Walmart that if you enter Florence County and injure one of their people, they will make sure that person is taken care of.”Roy Willey, one of the attorneys at the Anastopoulo Law Firm, said in a statement.

The $ 10 million received by April Jones They are being used to purchase a prosthesis and cover their medical expenses.



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