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Dominican woman tests positive for omicron in southern Chile

Dominican woman tests positive for omicron in southern Chile

Dominican woman tests positive for omicron in southern Chile

A 29-year-old Dominican woman was diagnosed with the Omicron variant of covid-19 in the Los Ríos Region, south of Chile, as reported by the authorities of the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health of the South American country.

The picture was reported yesterday through a public statement, which indicates the detection of the variant by means of a PCR test carried out at the Santiago airport after the arrival of the woman to the country on December 17.

To date, in Chile there have been about 130 cases of Ómicron after its arrival at the end of November, a variant that is setting off alarms in different parts of the world, mainly Europe.

As a precedent, the authorities pointed out that the affected woman had a complete vaccination scheme plus a Pfizer booster dose and entered the country with a negative PCR, according to current sanitary regulations.

The pandemic, which had its most serious peak between last March and June and forced 9% of the population to be confined once again, has been under control for more than three months.

New daily cases remain at around 1,500, with 1,504 infections registered this Thursday, while deaths have not exceeded a hundred in a long time and the positivity rate has not reached 3% in any area of ​​the country.

In addition, this morning the application of a fourth dose was announced from mid-February, joining Israel that will begin with those over 60 years of age and health workers when four months have passed since the third injection.

Chile, which adds almost 1.9 million infections and 38,954 deaths throughout the pandemic, enjoys wide freedoms, has had its borders open since October and does not register any municipality in total quarantine.


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