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Russia: a ship arrived at the port with about 100 cars 0 Km frozen

A vessel that traveled from South Korea to Russia, arrived at its destination with around one hundred fully crystallized 0 km cars, which put its good condition and operation at risk. The images shake lovers of iron, since the vehicles were covered with a layer of ice and salt up to twelve centimeters. Only in some cases could the make and model of the car be identified, although it was later learned that they belonged to the Honda and Toyota brands.

Regarding what happened, the captain of the ship, Pyotr Osichansk and, he mentioned the Russian medium, that “it is December, the sea is rough and windy. The water splashes on board and in the cold turns into a scab. This year the winds are much stronger than usual, but the sailors are used to it ”.

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Although a phenomenon of this magnitude is an unusual event, since Green Corner, the company that ordered the units for sale in Russia, they explained that the cars arrive in these conditions often and that the sailors are in charge of breaking the ice so that later they can be sold normally.

The vehicles were transported from South Korea to Russia. (El Mercurio, Chile).

However, when the cars are left in this state there are several risks, since freezing can be very harmful for different parts. Some images even show the interior of some vehicles full of ice, which will turn into water and, if it is not dried properly, the cabin will be damp. This can lead to premature wear of some parts and, of course, an impossible to remove odor.

The specialists questioned the good condition of the cars after being exposed to such low temperatures.  (El Mercurio, Chile).

The specialists questioned the good condition of the cars after being exposed to such low temperatures. (El Mercurio, Chile).

Also, the ice causes the windshield wipers to stick to the glass, the tires lose pressure, the doors jam, the battery discharges, that the brake system loses precision, that the optics are damaged and that all the fluids are altered of the mechanical system. An ironic fact is that the name of the ship is “Sun Rio” and on its exterior the flag of Panama shines, a country in which a situation similar to this would never be experienced.


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