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New opposition governor-elect in the cradle of Chávez meets with Maduro

The new governor of the state Venezuelan from Barinas, the opponent Sergio Garrido, met this Thursday with the president Nicolas Maduro, four days after the repetition of the election in the cradle of Hugo Chávez.

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State television VTV broadcast images of the meeting held in the presidential palace of Miraflores, in Caracas, which took place behind closed doors.

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“I have shook his hand and I have given him all my institutional and political support,” Maduro said later in another official act. “We were not given the victory for now in Barinas, other circumstances will come.”

“We talked a lot, I insisted to him on various issues, the need to build a dialogue, democratic, electoral, moral, political opposition (…), we exchanged his concerns (about) the problems that Barinas has, his vision.”

Garrido, elected on Sunday after the repetition of the November 21 elections by court order and without the participation of the main opposition candidate, told AFP on Monday that he was willing to talk with Chavismo to seek solutions to the problems in his state. .

“We are willing to reach conversations with whoever we have to talk to, as long as it is so that we can help this Barinese people that need it so much, solve the thousand and one problems that we have,” said Garrido after being proclaimed in office, that since 1998 had relatives of the late president.

Sunday’s election ratified the impending victory of the opposition in Barinas on November 21, which was annulled by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), on the pro-government line, alleging that the opposition candidate, Freddy Superlano, was disqualifying due to judicial investigations, preventing you from participating again.

Neither could his wife, who was to be his substitute, or a third candidate, leaving Garrido, elected to the regional parliament last November, as the fourth option.

Garrido defeated former foreign minister and father of Chávez’s first grandson, Jorge Arreaza, by 14 points, who took office after the late president’s brother, Argenis, resigned from reelection following the November result.

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