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Fuel prices are on the rise again in France

The passage to the pump continues to heat the bank cards of the French. Fuel prices sold at service stations rose sharply last week, in the wake of crude oil prices, according to official figures released on Monday.

The liter of diesel, the best-selling fuel in France, was worth an average of 1.9438 euros per liter, up 6.23 cents compared to the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition arrested on Friday.

Discounts at the pump

The liter of super SP 95 for its part reached 1.8658 euro (+6.35 cents) and that of super SP 95-E10 1.8233 euro (+6.10 cents). After having exceeded 2 euros per liter in March, the prices of the main fuels have fallen sharply, in particular thanks to the discount of 15 to 18 cents including tax per liter at the pump set up by the government.

Before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices at the pump were already on the rise and had been breaking records for weeks, against the backdrop of a global economic recovery and still limited oil extraction from major producing countries. But the Russian offensive pushed crude prices to new heights. And this trend has recently been accentuated again by the proposed European embargo on Russian black gold.

Source: 20minutes

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