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Loire-Atlantique: 60-year-old nurse fired after accumulating 530 fixed-term contracts in 17 years

More than 15 years of practice, a bunch of contracts and sudden gratitude. According to our colleagues in West France, the nurse’s assistant decided to attack her employer at an industrial tribunal, which terminated their partnership in November last year after forcing her to sign 530 fixed-term contracts.

In response to a question from a local newspaper, the health worker, who worked at a private clinic in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), explained that early in her career she applied for a permanent contract but did not receive it. Therefore, she put up with the fixed-term contracts offered to her. Previously working at 80% capacity, she explains that she signed a new six-month contract in March 2023 with “a crazy schedule, 48-hour work week, four nights of duty a week.”

A choice related to his reward?

Then disagreements arose with the authorities. Especially when she wanted to report an incident involving the care of a woman who had just given birth by cesarean section. Then the main boss calls her. “I was told that due to reorganization and alleged behavioral issues, I would not be called back. And I was even advised not to apply anywhere,” says the nurse.

According to her, this choice is related to her compensation. “I think I was too expensive. I have been working as a nurse since 1985. With my experience, I pay 200 euros for a twelve-hour shift. I do ten, I earn 2,000 euros on a fixed-term contract,” she explains.

His lawyer, questioned by Ouest-France, claims to have knowledge of “at least 530 fixed-term contracts.” However, “if a fixed-term contract is not exclusive, then it is a contract for an indefinite period,” says the lawyer. Therefore, he attacked the clinic’s management with a demand to reclassify the contract as permanent and invalidate the dismissal.

“As soon as a vacancy arises, we offer a permanent contract. The employee could have benefited from a permanent position, but she did not want it,” management explains. To which the sixty-year-old replied that these positions are indeed “open to everyone”, but for 60% of the time.

Source: Le Parisien

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